Long Drive Home

I made the 12 hour drive home from Calgary to Vancouver today, after a very productive and exciting weekend for Origami Ghost.  Not only did we have the Market Collective which was awesome btw, but we had a bunch of time to get some design and decision work done as well.

When Ricky and I started Origami Ghost, we knew it could be difficult at times since one of us lives in Vancouver (me) and the other lives in Calgary (Ricky).  Thanks to skype, we get to meet several times a week to discuss design ideas, product lines, markets/events… but it’s times like this weekend when we’re in the same city that we can get a ton of things done in a short amount of time.  Here’s a few exciting things we worked on/planned/designed:

– We added a new design to our Spring Line while taking one out, making a total of 4 shirts/1 hat.  Due out next month, but that’s all you’re gonna get for now 🙂

– We have an exciting new feature/extra that will be exclusive to people who buy shirts, beginning with our Spring line.  We’re not going to advertise it or say what it is, so you’ll have to buy a shirt to find out!

– New packaging for shipped orders will start to appear with the Spring line as well.

– We worked on the design of our first cut&sew piece for the Summer 2011 line.

– And we also discussed 2 events that we’re planning on hosting this summer/fall.  One in our hometown of Mission, BC and the other in Calgary, AB!

We’re heading into some exciting times with Origami Ghost, so many of our ideas and concepts will become reality, we can’t wait to see it all happen!  Makes the long drive through the snow all worth it 🙂



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