Giving HOPE

Tuesday nights in Calgary tend to be uneventful, I mean, the week has really only started, and who’s really looking forward to Wednesday, anyway?  Downtown after 5 is generally scarce, most are spending their precious time on the scenic Deerfoot Hwy.  This Tuesday, however, was different.  The launch of a rebranded non profit, HOPE set its wheels in motion down at Local 522 Tavern.  Silent auctions, 50/50, and live music by Escape the Audience, High Kicks, Bell Tower, Double Fuzz, and The Black Outs provided a great start to the week and a kickstart to this budding non profit.  In this growing city where those in less fortunate positions are increasingly neglected and marginalized, most tend to overlook problems at a personal level and focus primarily on our bustling Calgary economy.  HOPE, however, has decided to take matters in their own hands on their quest to tackle serious issues in Calgary though the following approach,

Housing – We guide people through the housing process from street to home.

Outreach – We are a city-wide mobile response team, connecting with individuals in the community. We provide a non-judgmental, timely response to people in crisis.

Prevention – We prevent homelessness through the empowerment of individuals, with the aim to achieve improved life skills, sustainable living and self-autonomy.

Engagement – Through building honest and genuine relationships, we help to validate a persons own self-worth.

Our own HOPE is to create a sense of belonging that will extend beyond the individual and connect them with their community. A solid rapport with the people that we help is the foundation of our work.

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