To make a long story short, we’ve been friends since we were first-graders back at Mission Central Elementary.  Fast forward to today – and we’ve proudly taken our small upstart and have made it into the strong brand that Origami Ghost is today.

We started Origami Ghost as a way to express our upbringing and the Asian / West Coast Lifestyle that we and other Vancourites grew up with.  Origami Ghost is an extension for us to not only express ourselves creatively, but also to share our lifestyle and experiences through our unique products and designs.   We like to take a fun & carefree approach to our products, and life for that matter, and you’ll see that throughout our line.  You’ll see designs drawn from Asian cultural and popular iconography, then mixed with a little West Coast style – as only Origami Ghost knows how!

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site, be sure to keep an eye out as there’s always plenty more awesome stuff just over the horizon at Origami Ghost!

Colin Gilliam & Ricky Krieck
Co-Founders, Origami Ghost


PS. If you ever feel like dropping either of us a line, you can email us directly at or !