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Colin’s Year in Review

My favourite image of 2011 had to be this one of Great Dunes National Park while I was in New Mexico this past October.  To see these seemingly endless mountains of sand as far as you could see was amazing.  I was lucky to get this shot of the sun hitting the dunes just right […]

South X Southwest

Back after a week of adventure in New Mexico – from Earthships to Dunes to Cave Dwellings… here are a few more images from the great Southwest. Share


This past weekend I had the pleasure of staying at the Phoenix House at the Earthship Biotecture community in Taos, New Mexico.  What an awesome experience living in a home that is 100% self-sustaining and completely off-the-grid!  I mean the thing only costs about $100 per year in utilities!  Made out of 100% recycled and […]


My favourite gallery in Santa Fe… Share


Thanks to some reservation problems, stayed overnight in the San Francisco International Airport the other night en-route to New Mexico.  Not much to do at SFO in the middle of the night for 8 hours but venture around and take a few pictures… …and off to Taos, New Mexico. Share

Thanksgiving 2011

It’s Thanksgiving up here in Canada. It’s been just a little over a year since we launched Origami Ghost last October 1, 2010. We’d like to thank all of our fams, pals, and community of supporters for a successful first year. Take some time this Thanksgiving weekend to chill over some good grub, I know […]


Just got back to Van after a few days in Portland, Oregon.  Worked the entire time but managed to sneak in a few shots: from Dragons to Super Mario to Bathroom Televisions, it’s all there. Share


Picked up a bag of Tim’s potato chips today since they’re impossible to find in Vancouver – if you’re ever in the Northwest, make sure to pick up a bag.  BEST CHIPS EVER. Share

Naturally Spoiled

Took the dog for a walk through the UBC Forest earlier today… makes me feel lucky to live in Vancouver (at least when it’s not raining that is) …and speaking of trees, this weekend we laid out plans for something exciting that has to do with them for later this fall 🙂 stay tuned.   […]