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Transit: Public Domain

It’s Tuesday – new album day for the record fanatics… So line up at your favourite record shop to cop your new tape… uhh, CD… uhh, digital download dropcard?  Today our BC boy Transit along with some ‘classic’ (aka CD age) BC talent (Mad Child and Kyprios), releases his his free digital download album: Public […]


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Uh oh, only three days until Christmas!  We’re back in Vancouver, so maybe it’s time for another giveaway?  If you haven’t checked out Transit’s new album yet, well it’s about time (click here for more info).  Thanks to Transit, the first person to correctly answer the following question (email answer to info@origamighost.com), grabs a copy […]

10 days…

There’s 10 days until Christmas, so we’re getting into the holiday spirit of giving.  Diggin’ our homage to Home Alone?  Answer the following question, via email to info@origamighost.com.  The first person to answer correctly gets our special edition Origami Ghost Fold Alone shirt… Yes, for free! Why doesn’t Kevin want to bunk with his cousin […]

Summertime Spoiled GIVEAWAY

We promised a giveaway and here it is… Show us why you need a new skate deck and we’ll send you one. Well it’s actually not quite that easy, but almost.  Email us at info@origamighost.com with a picture of your old deck and why you need a new one.  After the deadline of September 1st has past, […]