Ricky’s Year in Review

Maybe this pic wasn’t in the blog, but I’m pretty sure it was in one of our emails.  This was taken last May, when I travelled over to Uganda with some friends to volunteer, primarily at an HIV/AIDS orphanage.  After about 3.5 weeks of volunteering, we headed to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a camping […]

Opposite Field

Jay Shapiro’s new documentary film, Opposite Field (currently in production), features the story of little league baseball players from Uganda.  In a place where football (soccer) dominates most sporting matters, is an alternative baseball league; an outlet to allow kids to forget their everyday struggles and just be kids.  Fast forward a bit and tons […]

Thanksgiving 2011

It’s Thanksgiving up here in Canada. It’s been just a little over a year since we launched Origami Ghost last October 1, 2010. We’d like to thank all of our fams, pals, and community of supporters for a successful first year. Take some time this Thanksgiving weekend to chill over some good grub, I know […]

Beautiful British Columbia

Last week I left Calgary and decided to take an end of summer break to head home to Mission and Vancouver, British Columbia.  I spent one of those days with my pops out at Harrison, one of the sites he patrols as a fire warden in the summer since retiring from fire fighting.  Not too […]

Origami Ghost x Uganda

Although May wasn’t very active on the Origami Ghost website, it sure was behind the scenes for both Colin and I.  From May into June, I spent my month travelling to Uganda with Global Youth Network, while Colin worked hard in Vancouver on both business and rediscovering his golf game. Since the beginning of Origami […]


2010 is all over, and it wouldn’t be New Years without some good ol’ lists… Check out some of my highlights of 2010. Last year was an especially important year for athletes around Canada as we competed for spots to make the Olympic team at home.  Well, I may have not made the games, I […]


This holiday was one of the first in about eight years that I was able to make it back to Mission and Vancouver.  As most of you  know, the holidays usually consisted of me staying in Calgary preparing for speed skating trials.  Although I did miss my Sibold family Christmas this year (but my stocking […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

And the countdown begins, there’s only a few days left before Christmas!  It’s back from the snow in Calgary to the green grass in Vancouver to get some work done, hang with friends, and spend some time with family.  Check out this disaster of a holiday gathering, one of my favourite Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation. […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

“Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi!” Going waaay back to 1990, ‘Home Alone’ would have to be my favorite holiday movie.  Looking back now, pretty ridiculous to think how a family could forget their troublesome kid, who would thereby survive by outsmarting bad guys. Nevertheless, an awesome classic!  Watch it today or check out this […]

Worst Halloween Candy. Ever.


So, just be ready for tomorrow night.  There are those out there trying to destroy our precious holiday by providing dupe candies! Here’s a rundown of my top five worst Halloween “candies.” 5. Crispy Crunch – Not to be confused with Coffee Crisp, this one was always my last chocolate bar remaining… I usually got […]