Origami Ghost Chicken Strips??

Transit tweeted us this awesome pic a couple days ago.  Bet you didn’t know that we make chicken strips on the side Share

Those City Lights

You may remember a post back in November where we featured and wrote about Those City Lights, an Ambient/Orchestral/Classical/Acoustic duo who are doing big things across the pond in the UK & who proudly rep Origami Ghost (love the illustration to the right!).  We wanted to take a sec to congratulate them on their recent signing with […]

Colin’s Year in Review

My favourite image of 2011 had to be this one of Great Dunes National Park while I was in New Mexico this past October.  To see these seemingly endless mountains of sand as far as you could see was amazing.  I was lucky to get this shot of the sun hitting the dunes just right […]

1 DAY…

Only one day until Christmas!  Yesterday we continued our annual trip down to Seattle with our Moms to finish (or in our cases, begin) our Christmas shopping and to check out some stuff for ourselves.  Let’s just say we had to try and shop for others today…


With only one week before Christmas, it’s time for another giveaway!  Head down to Market Collective today in Calgary, the first person to answer the following Home Alone question gets a FREE shirt of their choice! While Kevin’s family forgets him at home for the holidays, Merv and Harry attempt to rob the family home. […]


Our good friend Scott from down in Orange, Texas sent us two of these awesome ceramic Origami Crane vases this past week.. How cool are these things?!!  Thanks Scott! Share


We’ve been hard at work the past couple weeks getting reading for not only our November 21st Release, but a number of others that are coming up between now and Christmas.  Are you ready? Share

NEXT: The Future of T-Shirt Graphics

Check out this awesome video about the ‘NEXT: The Future of T-Shirt Graphics’ Show going on from Nov. 4th – 11th at Sydney’s Cockatoo Island. It’s awesome to see other companies and designers reflect about the industry and the t-shirt as an outlet of creativity and art.  We started Origami Ghost for this very reason, […]