Get Warm

After a bit of a delay, we’re back online with a couple new products…

Tonight we released our new Logo Hoodie, which should keep you warm for the rest of the winter.  It’s now available in our newly redesigned Online Shop.  We also released a new tee sporting our classic logo on it, check out both below.

Those City Lights

You may remember a post back in November where we featured and wrote about Those City Lights, an Ambient/Orchestral/Classical/Acoustic duo who are doing big things across the pond in the UK & who proudly rep Origami Ghost (love the illustration to the right!).  We wanted to take a sec to congratulate them on their recent signing with Rogue Records America and their brand new EP ‘Absconding Reality’, coming out in May!

“Those City Lights make music that I feel is complex and layered as landscapes of sound. I can see them scoring lots of soundtracks in the near future, their sound is unmistakably original”, said Rogue Records America Owner Dean Martinetti.

Check out the preview video below to get a little taste of the upcoming record and hear their awesome, unique, & original sound!


Ricky’s Year in Review

Maybe this pic wasn’t in the blog, but I’m pretty sure it was in one of our emails.  This was taken last May, when I travelled over to Uganda with some friends to volunteer, primarily at an HIV/AIDS orphanage.  After about 3.5 weeks of volunteering, we headed to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a camping trip / safari.

This is probably my favourite product and product shot of 2011, DOMO ARIGATO MISTER ROBOTO.  My friend Laura was cool enough to help us up at Cypress Mountain and keep this goofy shot.  Like most of our shoots, we try to keep ’em serious.  We came up with this one through a collab effort between us and our pal Davey Gravy from Calgary.  Davey is well known for his unique art pieces, he sits at home in a rocking chair… Cross stitching rap lyrics.

I’d say my fave Instagram of the year would have to be from our drive down to San Francisco in July.  Instead of taking the I-5 (we were doing too well on time), we opted for the windy, scenic route… Which definitely added a little time.  This way we made plenty of pit stops at beaches along both the Oregon and California coasts.

2011 saw a ton of progress within Origami Ghost.  Not only did we step our game up in terms of product, presentation, and customer service, but we took a huge leap forward in our social agenda.  With our ‘Tees For Uganda‘ project, we were able to raise some funds towards my trip to volunteer in Uganda with fellow University students through Global Youth Network; for every shirt purchased, we donated a kids’ Origami Ghost tee.  This was one of the best moments of the trip, and my year.

For 2012 we definitely have some exciting products and projects in the works… All I can say is we may be developing the sickest member of the Origami Ghost family yet.

To continue to put out our favourite pieces… This means sticking to a creative process we find both engaging and challenging, putting out product we can stand behind and wear ourselves.  We created this company and brand as a reflection of ourselves 15 years ago and ourselves today, thanks for diggin’ what we do.


Colin’s Year in Review

My favourite image of 2011 had to be this one of Great Dunes National Park while I was in New Mexico this past October.  To see these seemingly endless mountains of sand as far as you could see was amazing.  I was lucky to get this shot of the sun hitting the dunes just right so you could see the contours of the sand along with a man walking in the distance.

My favourite design of 2011 was definitely our ‘Summertime Sake’ design that was released as part of our ‘Summertime Spoiled’ collection this past August.  I really dug the simple straight-forward look of this tee.

My favourite instagram shot from this past year has to be at the place where I’ve probably taken the most instagrams, La Taqueria of course!  With two locations here in Vancouver, La Taqueria is far and away the best taco shop in the city.  That reminds me, I should probably head over there for lunch tomorrow…

I think that we made a huge step forward towards the end of 2011.  Not only making a conscious effort to create top quality goods, but top quality customer service and presentation as well.  We’ve always prided ourselves in our attention to detail, but I think we took that to an all new level this year.  The custom printed shipping boxes that we introduced in November  (pictured above) were part of that.

I don’t want to give too much away, but we’re currently working on some new headwear pieces that should be out this spring/summer that I’m really excited about.

I think a big goal for us in 2012 is to continue to grow the way we did in 2011.  We’re definitely looking to expand our line into new product categories and get our product into more retailers this year as well.   There are so many big projects we’re currently working on that are super exciting, so another big goal for us is definitely to keep moving forward, staying creative, and continuing to put our customers first by creating top quality product.



Last week we hinted at a Boxing Day release that we were planning…

It’s Gummi Cats!

The ‘Gummi Cat’ designs were one our first ideas when coming up with Lucky Cat parodies, and they’re now available in our Online Store!