Last Thursday night The Gallery played host to Jason Deary‘s first solo show in Calgary, No Place Like: Paintings by Jason Deary.  Originally from Windsor, ON., Jason now splits life between both Calgary and Banff as he expands his talents on the Western front.  A shift from his detailed, hand-numbing work in black and white typography, this series featured  a variety of medium in bold colour.  No Place Like: blurs the line between urban, suburban, and nature; all of which are extremely relative to the artists past and current experiences in attempting to interpret his definition of ‘home.’  You can catch Jason’s work for sale at The Gallery until the end of December, so go check it out!   Share Read More


In case you missed it this past Saturday night, the SAIT Gateway played host to the newest album drop, 22, by Victoria-born Transit.  Our fellow BC-boy, with Vancouver Grizzlies hat and shaggy beard in tow, followed an impressive pre-game by Calgary area locals –  Natural Ensemble, Chief Navaho, and Pico Tera.  Saturday night was the second leg of a two-night release party, following a Friday release all-ages show at The New Black.  Transit’s follow up to Insufficient Funds, exudes exactly what you’d hope for and expect from Dan.  Track one, My Own Terms, sets the stage for his down to earth approach in doing things his own way… Even when guys like Gene Simmons offer him a contract.  When sticking to your guns means eating at Wendy’s like the rest of us, Transit’s attitude and lyrics are easy to relate to; like his community-oritented style, tracks throughout the disc give props and include features from a ton of Canadian artists.  With a good... Read More


Went out with friends for dinner tonight to Salt&Pepper, a local Mexican joint in Calgary.  The food is always great and it was just too hard to pass up on Margarita Monday… Share Read More


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We headed over to The Gallery tonight to see Drew DeVries‘ art show entitled ‘Homework’, had a few beers, listened to some live music, saw some awesome art, and watched a rather robust pinata being wacked to death… it was good times. Share Read More

Market Collective

Market Collective was this past weekend in Calgary, we had an extra wide booth since Colin also showed some of his artwork as well.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks to Joyce, Lacie, & Nikki for helping out over the weekend! Share Read More


I made the drive out to Calgary this week to so Ricky and I could get ready for this weekend’s Portobello West show (more on that tomorrow), go over some of our summer designs, and get the new Spring Line shirts out to some of our fans here in Alberta.  What I wasn’t expecting was more snow… we haven’t had any snow in Vancouver for almost a month, but Calgary isn’t Vancouver.  Calgary got hit with a snow storm yesterday, and while it wasn’t nearly as bad as it can be in the winter… it is almost April.  Swarley didn’t complain. Back to warm(er) Vancouver tomorrow. -Colin- Share Read More

Long Drive Home

I made the 12 hour drive home from Calgary to Vancouver today, after a very productive and exciting weekend for Origami Ghost.  Not only did we have the Market Collective which was awesome btw, but we had a bunch of time to get some design and decision work done as well. When Ricky and I started Origami Ghost, we knew it could be difficult at times since one of us lives in Vancouver (me) and the other lives in Calgary (Ricky).  Thanks to skype, we get to meet several times a week to discuss design ideas, product lines, markets/events… but it’s times like this weekend when we’re in the same city that we can get a ton of things done in a short amount of time.  Here’s a few exciting things we worked on/planned/designed: – We added a new design to our Spring Line while taking one out, making a total of 4 shirts/1 hat.  Due out next month, but that’s all you’re gonna get for now 🙂 – We have an exciting new feature/extra that will be exclusive... Read More

Long Drive

With the Market Collective this weekend, I made the 12 hour drive out to Calgary today… luckily the roads didn’t have too much snow, although I made sure to pull over so Swarley could play in it. -Colin Share Read More

Market Collective

If you’re in Calgary this weekend, drop by our table at Market Collective and say hi.  We’ll be there all weekend! Share Read More