10 days…

There’s 10 days until Christmas, so we’re getting into the holiday spirit of giving.  Diggin’ our homage to Home Alone?  Answer the following question, via email to info@origamighost.com.  The first person to answer correctly gets our special edition Origami Ghost Fold Alone shirt… Yes, for free! Why doesn’t Kevin want to bunk with his cousin Fuller before going on holidays? Share Read More

11 Days…

Nothing like getting in the spirit of the holidays, or The Origami Ghost Christmas Countdown, with a little Home Alone.  You could say we’re a little into this classic, ahem, because it brings us right back to Christmas time in the early 90s.  What seemed normal or even possible back then, is far more hilarious now – a family forgets their own bratty son while he fends off robbers through less than possible pranks. Kids now’a days have it so easy… New Message from Kevin MOM U FORGOT ME AGAIN :S LAWL Share Read More

Holiday Release!

As promised, we are releasing two BRAND NEW designs on the Origami Ghost Online Store tonight.  One, a flashback to a beloved Christmas comedy.. and the other, a flashback to a 1983 Styx song. This holiday season we’ve decided to pay homage to one of the Christmas classics, Home Alone!  There’s nothing like watching Home Alone to get into the Christmas spirit.  Limited to only 50 Prints total, on this tee you’ll find we caught our very own Origami Ghost Lucky Cat dressed up and ready to deliver Kevin’s favourite cheese pizza from Little Nero’s.  This special edition Origami Ghost t-shirt is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and comes in a custom printed, hand numbered box – pick it up now for $35 in our Online Store As we mentioned above, each ‘FOLD ALONE’ Tee will come packed in its very own custom printed, hand-numbered box – the perfect finishing touch to this limited edition tee and a perfect holiday gift... Read More

12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

“Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi!” Going waaay back to 1990, ‘Home Alone’ would have to be my favorite holiday movie.  Looking back now, pretty ridiculous to think how a family could forget their troublesome kid, who would thereby survive by outsmarting bad guys. Nevertheless, an awesome classic!  Watch it today or check out this reminder trailer to get you in the holiday spirit! Ricky Share Read More