South X Southwest

Back after a week of adventure in New Mexico – from Earthships to Dunes to Cave Dwellings… here are a few more images from the great Southwest. Share Read More


This past weekend I had the pleasure of staying at the Phoenix House at the Earthship Biotecture community in Taos, New Mexico.  What an awesome experience living in a home that is 100% self-sustaining and completely off-the-grid!  I mean the thing only costs about $100 per year in utilities!  Made out of 100% recycled and reclaimed materials, the Phoenix gets its electricity from solar and wind, it gets its water from rain and snow, its heat from the sun and earth, and food from it’s garden, fish pond, greenhouse inside the building, as well as some eggs from the chickens outside!  Architect Michael Reynolds began building these ‘Earthships’ in the early 70’s and has since built hundreds of them all over the world.  It was a truly amazing experience and wish I could’ve stayed longer. The windows are slanted at the perfect angle to create heat/energy for both the greenhouse and the home. As you can see, we were still able to live very comfortably in... Read More


My favourite gallery in Santa Fe… Share Read More