Today we’re launching our highly-anticipated Spring 2012 Lineup!  Featuring 3 different designs in 7 different options, it’s our biggest release to date!  Please check out the ONLINE STORE and see the entire new line!   Share Read More

‘Summertime Spoiled’ revealed!

Well, it’s a new month, a new day, and a new website! (how do you all like the new look?!?) Anyways, we thought we take this opportunity to showcase the two new designs that will be released as part of the ‘Summertime Spoiled’ release on August 20th! The first design features our take on the Planters Peanut, or at least his Japanese cousin.  ‘High Sushiety’ will be a limited run print and like we said above, available beginning on the 20th of August. The second design features another American foodie icon parody.. this time Charlie’s a Koi fish who’s perhaps enjoyed a little too much sake.  The design will be offered in two separate colorways, printed on a white as well as a Navy tee. …And remember, we still have a mystery item that we will not reveal until the 20th! Share Read More

Summertime Spoiled

It’s been an exciting last week or so here at Origami Ghost, with the anticipation of the Georgia Straight feature coming out today as well putting the finishing touches on our next release.  In case you didn’t see our update a couple weeks back, we’ve been working hard this past month on this next release and Origami Ghost moving forward.  We have some very exciting projects, events, & designs coming soon and first up will be our ‘Summertime Spoiled’ release. The release is reflection of Vancouver in the summer and will feature two brand new tshirt designs as well as a special, ‘Summertime Spoiled’ exclusive item – which won’t be revealed until the release.  Approx. release date is sometime mid-August, look for more details/previews soon!   Share Read More


First of all, you may have noticed that we’ve been in hibernation for the majority of the past couple months.  Well, not complete hibernation, but many of you know that Ricky went off to Uganda to volunteer for four weeks… and during that time – Colin had several other commitments and design jobs to work on as well, so what we basically used that time to step away a little bit, reflect, and come back strong with an entirely new approach to Origami Ghost.  You may have heard us say this before, but one of if not the most important facets of this company for us is to constantly be moving forward, thinking progressively & creatively. If you happened to catch some of our tweets last week you might have seen that we have come out of hibernation and actually made a trip down to San Francisco, California for a few days.   Colin had a convention for his other business, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to drive down, see and meet some of the great influences and... Read More