Origami Ghost in the Georgia Straight this week!

In our first big announcement today we wanted to let everyone know that Origami Ghost is featured in the Georgia Straight this week!  Co-Founder Colin Gilliam met up with Sarah Rowland of the Straight last week in a Vancouver cafe to talk about the latest in Origami Ghost.  The paper should be up on the streets sometime today (already check the Point Grey block and it’s not there yet, but will keep you updated!), so pick up a copy because as most of you know the Georgia Straight is a completely FREE newspaper! The article is also already online HERE to read, so if you don’t live in Vancouver and can’t get a hold of a physical copy, definitely check it out online! (The Georgia Straight is Canada’s Largest Urban Weekly.   No other city publication knows more about Vancouver than the Georgia Straight. Established as the lifestyle and entertainment weekly in Vancouver for over 40 years, the Georgia Straight is an integral part of the active urban West Coast lifestyle... Read More

Introducing… The Folded Press

‘There’s something special about that feeling of a newspaper in your hands at the beginning of each new day.’ It’s a big day for Origami Ghost as we announce the debut of ‘The Folded Press’, a newspaper printed monthly with the latest news, events, products, and exclusive offers for our online store.  We are super stoked to finally put this together and is yet another awesome feature we’ve implemented this year!  The newspaper is completely free of charge and will go out with orders, random mail-outs, and handed out at markets and shows! Each month will feature new stories and articles, promotions and events, trivia and games, and much much more!   Share Read More