Transit: Public Domain

It’s Tuesday – new album day for the record fanatics… So line up at your favourite record shop to cop your new tape… uhh, CD… uhh, digital download dropcard?  Today our BC boy Transit along with some ‘classic’ (aka CD age) BC talent (Mad Child and Kyprios), releases his his free digital download album: Public Domain.  The album reminisces and pays homage to not only those two BC greats, but to our childhood West Coast icons like the Vancouver Grizzlies and Bryant ‘Big Countrrrrrry’ Reeves.  More importantly, Transit show progress in his art; he keeps his well rounded album free, a thanks to his fans and those who stand for internet freedom – that has created a new generation of artists like Transit, DJ Crosswalk, and even Origami Ghost in the new wave of media. Go gettem’ kid.   Share Read More

YVR Transit

Last Thursday night BC-native Transit returned to his home province to kick off the Hold Your Own Weight Tour #HWOYtour here in Vancouver at The Biltmore Cabaret.  Transit was joined on stage by DJ Crosswalk, Kyprios, and Natural Ensemble who all put on a more than ill show.  Catch the boys as they take their van across Canada to Toronto by May 20th. #SupportCanadianHipHop Share Read More

Origami Ghost Presents: Transit in YVR

If you’re around tomorrow night, drop by the Vancouver icon – The Biltmore around 8:00PM to catch Transit w/ DJ Crosswalk performing live with Natural Ensemble, Immaculate, Conscience, and Special Guests!  Come cop some of the latest Spring 2012 Origami Ghost gear, we’ll be hangin out at the back table!   Share Read More


The PLAYOFFS ARE HERE! We decided to make something special for our team’s 2012 cup run, maybe give them a little extra luck this year to get through that final series! And here it is, our very own Lucky Cat, complete in Vancouver colours and foam finger… ready to cheer our team on! Be sure to pick one up quick as we only made a limited number of them! Get one now and represent your home team! You can click on either the image above or below to link straight to our Online Store!  (We’ve also made some awesome ‘Luck for Nucks’ Stickers that are only a dollar that you can pick up in our online store as well!)   Share Read More


Today we’re launching our highly-anticipated Spring 2012 Lineup!  Featuring 3 different designs in 7 different options, it’s our biggest release to date!  Please check out the ONLINE STORE and see the entire new line!   Share Read More


A few YYC local entertainers bring us, uhh, Entertainers.  Check out King Dylan ft. Transit, Ricca Razor Sharp, and Jesse James.  Shout out to Transit and his nice choice in apparel. Share Read More

Spring Stickers

Some new stickers featuring one of the designs from our Spring 2012 Line came in today.  You’ll have to wait until the 17th though to see exactly what the shirt featuring the folded OG looks like!  The stickers will be included in all online orders starting today. Share Read More

Origami Ghost Chicken Strips??

Transit tweeted us this awesome pic a couple days ago.  Bet you didn’t know that we make chicken strips on the side Share Read More

Get Warm

After a bit of a delay, we’re back online with a couple new products… Tonight we released our new Logo Hoodie, which should keep you warm for the rest of the winter.  It’s now available in our newly redesigned Online Shop.  We also released a new tee sporting our classic logo on it, check out both below. Share Read More

Those City Lights

You may remember a post back in November where we featured and wrote about Those City Lights, an Ambient/Orchestral/Classical/Acoustic duo who are doing big things across the pond in the UK & who proudly rep Origami Ghost (love the illustration to the right!).  We wanted to take a sec to congratulate them on their recent signing with Rogue Records America and their brand new EP ‘Absconding Reality’, coming out in May! “Those City Lights make music that I feel is complex and layered as landscapes of sound. I can see them scoring lots of soundtracks in the near future, their sound is unmistakably original”, said Rogue Records America Owner Dean Martinetti. Check out the preview video below to get a little taste of the upcoming record and hear their awesome, unique, & original sound!   Share Read More