Transit: Public Domain

It’s Tuesday – new album day for the record fanatics… So line up at your favourite record shop to cop your new tape… uhh, CD… uhh, digital download dropcard?  Today our BC boy Transit along with some ‘classic’ (aka CD age) BC talent (Mad Child and Kyprios), releases his his free digital download album: Public Domain.  The album reminisces and pays homage to not only those two BC greats, but to our childhood West Coast icons like the Vancouver Grizzlies and Bryant ‘Big Countrrrrrry’ Reeves.  More importantly, Transit show progress in his art; he keeps his well rounded album free, a thanks to his fans and those who stand for internet freedom – that has created a new generation of artists like Transit, DJ Crosswalk, and even Origami Ghost in the new wave of media. Go gettem’ kid.   Share Read More


We’ve made it to 10,000 Facebook likes! As a HUGE thanks – check use the promo codes coming your way on Facebook!   Share Read More

YVR Transit

Last Thursday night BC-native Transit returned to his home province to kick off the Hold Your Own Weight Tour #HWOYtour here in Vancouver at The Biltmore Cabaret.  Transit was joined on stage by DJ Crosswalk, Kyprios, and Natural Ensemble who all put on a more than ill show.  Catch the boys as they take their van across Canada to Toronto by May 20th. #SupportCanadianHipHop Share Read More

Origami Ghost Presents: Transit in YVR

If you’re around tomorrow night, drop by the Vancouver icon – The Biltmore around 8:00PM to catch Transit w/ DJ Crosswalk performing live with Natural Ensemble, Immaculate, Conscience, and Special Guests!  Come cop some of the latest Spring 2012 Origami Ghost gear, we’ll be hangin out at the back table!   Share Read More

Ricky’s Year in Review

Maybe this pic wasn’t in the blog, but I’m pretty sure it was in one of our emails.  This was taken last May, when I travelled over to Uganda with some friends to volunteer, primarily at an HIV/AIDS orphanage.  After about 3.5 weeks of volunteering, we headed to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a camping trip / safari. This is probably my favourite product and product shot of 2011, DOMO ARIGATO MISTER ROBOTO.  My friend Laura was cool enough to help us up at Cypress Mountain and keep this goofy shot.  Like most of our shoots, we try to keep ’em serious.  We came up with this one through a collab effort between us and our pal Davey Gravy from Calgary.  Davey is well known for his unique art pieces, he sits at home in a rocking chair… Cross stitching rap lyrics. I’d say my fave Instagram of the year would have to be from our drive down to San Francisco in July.  Instead of taking the I-5 (we were doing too well on time), we opted for the windy,... Read More


If you had a chance to check out Market Collective today in Calgary, we gave everyone an early look and chance to grab 2 of 3 new shirts from Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) release.  Drop by tomorrow to check’em out, or you’ll have to wait until the 26th! Share Read More

10 days…

There’s 10 days until Christmas, so we’re getting into the holiday spirit of giving.  Diggin’ our homage to Home Alone?  Answer the following question, via email to  The first person to answer correctly gets our special edition Origami Ghost Fold Alone shirt… Yes, for free! Why doesn’t Kevin want to bunk with his cousin Fuller before going on holidays? Share Read More

11 Days…

Nothing like getting in the spirit of the holidays, or The Origami Ghost Christmas Countdown, with a little Home Alone.  You could say we’re a little into this classic, ahem, because it brings us right back to Christmas time in the early 90s.  What seemed normal or even possible back then, is far more hilarious now – a family forgets their own bratty son while he fends off robbers through less than possible pranks. Kids now’a days have it so easy… New Message from Kevin MOM U FORGOT ME AGAIN :S LAWL Share Read More


Our good friend Scott from down in Orange, Texas sent us two of these awesome ceramic Origami Crane vases this past week.. How cool are these things?!!  Thanks Scott! Share Read More


My favourite gallery in Santa Fe… Share Read More