Long Drive

With the Market Collective this weekend, I made the 12 hour drive out to Calgary today… luckily the roads didn’t have too much snow, although I made sure to pull over so Swarley could play in it. -Colin Share Read More

Creative Block

It’s been hectic the last couple of weeks – from finalizing our Spring line and beginning to work on the Summer line, to other projects I’m working on for other clients.  So when I woke up this morning feeling a little burnt out with a little creative block… I wasn’t surprised.  It happens every now and then, your mind gets somewhat stuck – trying to think of new ideas while working on projects and they just don’t come to you. So when I sat at my computer this morning drawing a blank – I knew that I had to get outside and recharge my creative batteries.  Usually I’ll take a drive or walk my dog and ideas will start flowing again.  So I figured why not do all of the above and go to one of my favourite spots here in Vancouver, Whytecliff Park.  I also hadn’t taken any images lately so it was perfect timing to get a little photog session as well. Needless to say.. I came home with a bazillion new ideas, a lot of which I... Read More

Colin’s Favourite Moments of 2010

2010 was quite the year, not only because we started Origami Ghost, but for many other reasons.  I wanted to share some of my favourite moments and images that I took over the course of 2010 and also wish everyone a Happy New Year! I gotta start it with my dog Swarley, I got him last winter when he flew all the way from Winnipeg, MB on a Westjet flight and I picked him up at YVR.  Here’s a shot of him at the beginning of 2010 when he was only a few months old. Early in the year I went on a trip to New Orleans, I was able to take this great shot of some street musicians/dancers Then the Winter Olympics came to town, and wow what a show we put on!  Me and Ricky were lucky enough to catch some of the long track events at the oval.  It was awesome to see the entire country unite and cheer on our athletes There was a night during the olympics that Ricky and I went out to Stanley Park to take some shots of Vancouver and Lions Gate Bridge at night, we must have been out there for... Read More