YVR Transit

Last Thursday night BC-native Transit returned to his home province to kick off the Hold Your Own Weight Tour #HWOYtour here in Vancouver at The Biltmore Cabaret.  Transit was joined on stage by DJ Crosswalk, Kyprios, and Natural Ensemble who all put on a more than ill show.  Catch the boys as they take their van across Canada to Toronto by May 20th. #SupportCanadianHipHop Share Read More

Origami Ghost Presents: Transit in YVR

If you’re around tomorrow night, drop by the Vancouver icon – The Biltmore around 8:00PM to catch Transit w/ DJ Crosswalk performing live with Natural Ensemble, Immaculate, Conscience, and Special Guests!  Come cop some of the latest Spring 2012 Origami Ghost gear, we’ll be hangin out at the back table!   Share Read More


The PLAYOFFS ARE HERE! We decided to make something special for our team’s 2012 cup run, maybe give them a little extra luck this year to get through that final series! And here it is, our very own Lucky Cat, complete in Vancouver colours and foam finger… ready to cheer our team on! Be sure to pick one up quick as we only made a limited number of them! Get one now and represent your home team! You can click on either the image above or below to link straight to our Online Store!  (We’ve also made some awesome ‘Luck for Nucks’ Stickers that are only a dollar that you can pick up in our online store as well!)   Share Read More

Van City Madness

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This week we’re at the University of British Columbia in our hometown of Vancouver for the UBC Holiday Market.  We’ll be here the rest of the week (9am – 5pm daily), so if you’re nearby – check us out, we’ll be ones sitting at the giant chinese take-out box! Share Read More

El Kartel

Now this is pretty exciting for us… Ever since El Kartel opened back in 2003, it’s been one of the premier streetwear shops in Vancouver.  They carry a wide range of brands from Stussy to Cheap Monday, to their own in-house label & many more – well now you can add Origami Ghost to that list as El Kartel is now stocking our shirts! We are HUGE fans of El Kartel and have been visiting the shop since it opened 8 years ago, so we couldn’t imagine a better retailer to become our first Vancouver stockist.  We just dropped off a new batch of shirts this morning, so go down and check out their new location at 1007 Granville St. in downtown Vancouver today! Share Read More

Naturally Spoiled

Took the dog for a walk through the UBC Forest earlier today… makes me feel lucky to live in Vancouver (at least when it’s not raining that is) …and speaking of trees, this weekend we laid out plans for something exciting that has to do with them for later this fall 🙂 stay tuned.   Share Read More

Flashing Lights

It was a busy weekend – making some important decisions about some of the upcoming Fall releases, but I had a few minutes time last night to walk down the street and take in the fireworks. Share Read More

Long Drive Home

I made the 12 hour drive home from Calgary to Vancouver today, after a very productive and exciting weekend for Origami Ghost.  Not only did we have the Market Collective which was awesome btw, but we had a bunch of time to get some design and decision work done as well. When Ricky and I started Origami Ghost, we knew it could be difficult at times since one of us lives in Vancouver (me) and the other lives in Calgary (Ricky).  Thanks to skype, we get to meet several times a week to discuss design ideas, product lines, markets/events… but it’s times like this weekend when we’re in the same city that we can get a ton of things done in a short amount of time.  Here’s a few exciting things we worked on/planned/designed: – We added a new design to our Spring Line while taking one out, making a total of 4 shirts/1 hat.  Due out next month, but that’s all you’re gonna get for now 🙂 – We have an exciting new feature/extra that will be exclusive... Read More

Long Drive

With the Market Collective this weekend, I made the 12 hour drive out to Calgary today… luckily the roads didn’t have too much snow, although I made sure to pull over so Swarley could play in it. -Colin Share Read More