In case you missed it this past Saturday night, the SAIT Gateway played host to the newest album drop, 22, by Victoria-born Transit.  Our fellow BC-boy, with Vancouver Grizzlies hat and shaggy beard in tow, followed an impressive pre-game by Calgary area locals –  Natural Ensemble, Chief Navaho, and Pico Tera.  Saturday night was the second leg of a two-night release party, following a Friday release all-ages show at The New Black.  Transit’s follow up to Insufficient Funds, exudes exactly what you’d hope for and expect from Dan.  Track one, My Own Terms, sets the stage for his down to earth approach in doing things his own way… Even when guys like Gene Simmons offer him a contract.  When sticking to your guns means eating at Wendy’s like the rest of us, Transit’s attitude and lyrics are easy to relate to; like his community-oritented style, tracks throughout the disc give props and include features from a ton of Canadian artists.  With a good... Read More